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About Designer Lines

DesignerLines is the easiest way to begin a professional clothing design company … Period. We are here to help start-up your new clothing brand … even with no or little experience, yet. You will start with a set of easy to follow online consulting sessionsto compliment your personal consulting. You will get a tailored business plan and individual strategic advice … because we believe that general business templates are total bullshit. On top of that, we become your Asian partner for sourcing and production assistance … you have boots on the ground from the very beginning.

Mark Sussman

Director Sussman International Co.

Your personal consultant, Mark Sussman, has over 25 years of experience in fashion. He has worked with thousands of small companies, taught Fashion Entrepreneurs at two universities, and has been the keynote speaker at several industry conferences in different parts of America and Asia. He has a solid background in fashion fabrics as well as technical textiles.

The goal of DesignerLines is to share Mark’s wealth of knowledge with clothing Brands on the rise. Brands that are run by individuals with little formal training or, like in most cases, have been trained in university to be artists of wearable-art rather than designers of a Ready-to-Wear Brand for sale.

Online Consulting Session

Introduction to the Fashion Industry

Where do you fit in? Can you make Money? Fashion is more than just a business… it’s an industry.
We act like your boots on the ground here in Asia but you need a good understanding of the fashion industry. In session one, we talk about the types of people and companies that you’ll need to deal with.

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We will talk about what these people do and how they can help you to execute your unique strategy that puts you ahead of the competition. It’s also important to know a little about the barriers-to-entry and the difficulties you may face. Knowing some of the difficulties clothing Brands commonly face will provide you with insight on how to beat the odds and create a Brand that reaches it’s potential.
In Short: Your business should support the lifestyle you see for yourself.

Level: Basic

Your Design

The most valuable use of your time when starting a clothing brand is to be the face of the company.
We help you understand a design process to produce small quantities of clothing quickly and in great quality. Even if you have no design or production experience.

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We find the right people with the right skills to help you. We help you with textile sourcing, sample garment production and buying small quantities of OEM/ODM garments. And we will give you an understanding about th industry processes: many of the best clothing brands are not even designed by the “designer”. It’s also common for clothing designers to graduate university with a fashion degree with only a design process suited for wearable art, not Ready-to-Wear.

Level: Essential

Fabrics and Fibers

How to buy fabrics without getting screwed or buying crap that will just hurt your Brand in the long run.
You must know how to discuss textiles with suppliers and clients. It is a completely different conversation so knowing what to say, and when to say it, is crucial.

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Fabrics are a big part of the story behind each collection you make.
Knowing the different weights, construction and content for the correct garment can help you understand how to purchase fabrics as you build your brand and grow your line.
Your clients will buy into your Brand more easily when you can describe the intricacies and unique qualities of the textiles that you used.

Level: Essential

The Business of Fashion

A general Business Plan Template is just bullshit and a waste of time. Let’s write your business plan together. This session is a specific step-by-step discussion on how to write your very own and individual business plan.

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We will go over all the parts of a business plan for your fashion business, we will provide you examples of what to write, why you need to plan each part and what your audience will be looking for. This cannot be a theoretical plan or based on secondary research. Your plan must fit your business model and your skill set.
Your plan is not just to help you raise money or get investors/partners. Your plan should be a living document that you return to often. It should help keep you on track and guide you on exactly what you need to do next.
After developing the plan together, we will take the time to consult with you then review and suggest edits and changes. You are not alone.

Level: Professional

Creating A Tech Pack & Placing the Order

Building seamless communication between you and your sample maker or small production factory is absolutely imperative. You must be able to explain what you envisioned and would like to produce.

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Avoid communication problems and misunderstanding. Documenting the orders you place is one of the most important skills and practices you will have as a business owner. Creating a proper “spec sheet” that has all of your requirements and needed information to engineer and construct your garment is crucial.
We also provide and discuss a standardized Tech Pack to be used to communicate your designs to the company or seamstress you choose to do business with. We want to help you have a seamless process in place so you can confidently place orders, preferably with the suppliers that we have verified. We verify suppliers to include a social responsibility model within their business mission.

Level: Professional

Marketing and Sales

Branding, marketing and selling your brand of clothing is the end result of our work together. A nation brand such as Donna Karan spends huge amount money on advertising and marketing. The numbers are staggering and out of reach.

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The brand you create will be much more personally driven. The Brand you create and the clothing that you design is unique to you, but the process of using social media and an online presence is not. It is a must when starting a brand of clothing.
social media is one of the most effective tools during your start-up phase. Facebook and Instagram seem to be the most effective for small Brand disruption. Having a website to sell and promote your message is imperative. We have an amazing team of programmers and developers that specialize in designing websites for clothing designers. They can also help you with planning and executing social media marketing campaigns.
Keep it clean. Keep it simple. Let the designs and the Brand speak for itself.

Level: Professional

Why Is Designer Lines Different?


Compare Designer Lines to a regular 4-year program

Designer Lines


Step by step approach for a small design business


Practical skills for entrepreneurship


Sourcing and Negotiating small production on your behalf here in Asia and fabulous fashion fabrics

4-year Program


Theoretical art-based education


General Education in unrelated fields of no interest


Teaching you the skills of sewing and cutting

Take Advantage of the Free Basic Service, now!

Includes a Free 30-Minute Skype Discussion about
your business plans and how to continue with success.

Start with the basics

We will discuss the actual basics of the industry and how to get involved. In doing so, you will gain first-hand insights into my over 25 years of experience in the business. If you are a ready-to-wear designer, who wants to start a brand of clothing but not sure where or how to begin, sign up for the basic plan now and kick-start your career.

Get The Essentials


In the essential program, I will help you make some substantial business decisions correctly from the very beginning. Together, we will have a close look at the industry from the point of your fashion business. You will learn how to find the right audience. The more focus you have on your niche, the easier it becomes to be a leader in that niche.  Once we define your cardinal point, you will be enabled to take the next steps on developing your personal business plan and a professional plan of action. Get the essential plan now and level up your design business.

Become A Leading Voice In Your Industry


A professional in the field of fashion needs a business plan and a plan of action.  I will walk you through each step so they will fit your personal goals and expectations.  We will start with the basics and feed in all that makes your brand unique and able to combat the barriers to entry. After this program, you will be able to focus on a niche and outsource the skills that your company needs.  On top of that, I will provide you with industry contacts and help you to negotiate contracts and purchases from Taiwan suppliers. Sign up now and become a professional.

This Is What Others Say About Designer Lines

Sharon Boucher

Fashion Designer, Sharon Boucher Inc.

I met Mark about 15 years ago at Vogue Fabric, as a designer I love to engage with people who understand creative talent, one thing about Mark… he knows talent and how to help creative people realized their dreams, and the potential that we have, to make it happen. Thank you Mark for being such a kind human being.


Entrepreneur, Max Fitt

Mark helped start my new Brand. I’m making money now. We are all different. Mark understands how to make money while I do what I love.

Lets get to know each other

Talk to each other occationally

Establish sustainable business relationships