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What We Got To Offer


If you are a fashion designer in need of a website, you came to the right place. As part of our business consulting program, we are offering
tailored webpages for small and medium fashion businesses. We know that every website should be as unique as the designer it represents. Whether you need a portfolio page to showcase your work or a place where you can sell your items of clothing we got you covered.

Why Do You Need A Website?


The saying “You cannot win if you don’t play” also goes for visibility on the internet. If you don’t show yourself to the public, the public won’t see the incredible work you have to offer. Isn’t that a pitty? A lot of fashion designers still have the opinion that a facebook or Instagram page is enough to present themselves. There is no arguing that social media plays an important role. On the other hand, nothing could be more standardized and random as a social media account page. If you want to stand out as a business person or at least as a serious player in the game, your website is mandatory.

How Does It Work?

 Our process is very simple. You are just three easy steps away from your new fashion website.

  1. Choose your page type
  2. Send us your content
  3. Choose a designs
  4. Receive your unique website

How Much Does It Cost?


Money is always an important issue. No one wants to spend more than what’s necessary. That is why we tided some awsome digital packages, that will cover all you need to get started right now. See what got to offer in the pricing section below.
If you have a bigger project in mind, we can also realize it. In such a case, the estimation of costs depends on the extent of your website. To make sure to name you the best possible price, we need to know a few details first. Within a couple of minutes you can fill out the simple questionnaire below and you will receive a free quotation shortly after.


This Is What Others Say About Our Websites

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Designer, ABC Design

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Jane Doe

Fashion Artist, New Company Name

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Choose One Of Our Digital Packages

All our digital packages come as WordPress installation. You will get a data file and a step-for-step tutorial. You can upload your website to a hosting service of your choosing. Everything will be ready to run. No further technical settings necessary.


Here are some common questions about our digital Service.

How can I choose a design?

Before we can offer you a specific design, we need to know you a little bit better. This is why we will send you an E-Mail with a few questions. As soon as we receive your answer, we can offer you a tailored choice of designs, from which you can choose.

How do you send me my website?

You will receive a data file that you can easily install on a WordPress environment. Don’t worry. We will provide you with a tutorial.

Do you host my website?

Hosting is not included in our plans. If you need hosting, contact us. We can help you with that.

Is there an URL included?

No. But if you want us to buy one for you, we can also help you with that. After you chose a package you will receive an E-Mail where we ask you about the URL, so you can decide later if you need us to take care of this subject.

How can I install my website?

We will send you a data file that you can easily upload to a WordPress installation. We work with the All-in-one Migration plugin to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process. We will show you how to do it.

Do I need any technical skills to manage my website?

No and Yes. We will provide you with an easy to handle data file you just need to upload to a WordPress installation. A basic understanding of WordPress is helpful, however. If you don’t know anything about these things we can provide you with some good introductions or you can ask our free technical support. If you need a professional to help you, write us a note.

What if I need help with my website?

We are more than happy to help you with any technical issues. All our packages include free technical support. If you should need someone to help you with your content, we can bring you in contact with the right professionals. If there is anything else we can be of service with, let us know.

Can I return a website if I don't like it?

We do not have a specific return policy because we always thought that it is best to talk about things and decide from case to case what solution is best. If there is anything you don’t like, we will do what we can to fix it.


If you are interessted in a customized website, please fill out this short questionnaire so we can get in touch with a quotation. It is 100% free. There are no obligations whatsoever.

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What resources do you want us to provide?

Does your company have a logo/established image & branding guidelines (e.g. fonts, colour schemes etc)?

Do you have print materials (such as business cards or brochures) that we need to match?

Would you like us to update your site or would you like to be responsible for updates?

Would you like to book a dedicated training session to learn to manage the site?

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